Garage door installation


Every garage door that comes from the manufactures has a different set of installation instructions. For a rookie who has never installed a garage door in their life before and wants to attempt this as a DIY home project, this might be biting off more than you can chew.

Garage doors are not the simple home projects that most people can DIY. Garage doors can be quite complex and indeed very dangerous if proper care isn’t taken. In our profession it is not uncommon to hear the sad tales of people who died when incorrectly installed garage doors suddenly fell upon them or fell upon cars as they were driving out of the garage.

Stories like these make us want to take everyone by the hand, sit them down and explain to them why they SHOULDN’T attempt such repairs and installations themselves.

Our technicians here at Chandler Garage Door Repairs have many years of experience behind them so they know full well what they are doing. They receive regular up-to-date training in all things garage door related so they know how to work with every kind of door. Why don’t you trust such a reliable service person and call us instead to install your next garage?

We would be more than happy to help you.